Energy management is increasingly penetrating businesses and office buildings, as well as agri-food installations. The seek for energy efficiency is a question of cost savings, but mainly of an environmental consciousness.

Among the saving measures and improvement of energy efficiency in buildings, renewable energies play a key role, even though up until now they are under-utilized. Most important is always that, given the features of the building and its installations, implementing solar photovoltaic panels is feasible both technically and economically. Therefore, at TSO we have created the PSFU product line (Ultralight Flexible Solar Panel), because, with these panels, we can turn any surface into a solar generator.

Andalusia is Spain’s sunniest region, with over 2,800 sun hours per year. At TSO, our goal is to take advantage of this fact and, therefore, we promote the socialization of solar energy. Our star product is called Community CFV, because our Photovoltaic Rooftop is designed to reach the whole community. Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, clean and silent.

Our purpose in TSO is to support businesses in saving energy costs, strongly betting for renewable energies and for a “greener” world. TSO’s photovoltaic rooftop Community CFV is a conventional energy saving measure and improves energy efficiency in businesses.

For years, agri-food installations and industrial roofs have seen photovoltaic structures with little aesthetical integration. Now, also solar installations for self-consumption can be made. This way, the photovoltaic panels installed on businesses directly improve their energy efficiency.

TSO’s solar panels are highly efficiency and will make a difference in your electricity bill, while reducing your company’s and your products’ carbon footprint.

Most conventional solar panels convert up to 15% of the sun’s energy into electricity. Our PSFU solar panels can convert over 16% of the impinging solar energy into electricity, despite their flexibility; this is why we say they are highly efficient.

We would be thrilled to assess you in how our flexible solar panels can make the difference in your business. Contact us.

Ultralight Flexible Solar Panel by TSO

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