TSO into Social Challenges Program

Last June, the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities granted funding to TSO -The South Oracle- to research in integrated solar urban plants and EV charging stations. To develop such project, TSO is working along with the National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain (CENER-CIEMAT). TSO awarded amount, 406.817 Euros, is to be invested in a 3-year R&D line in PSU patent, unique in Spain. In this path, TSO will influence an Investigation, Development and Innovation program fighting for Social Challenges, which objective is to search for social, economic and technological solutions to problems in our country, through constructing scientific knowledge and the qualify investigation.

TSO is a world pioneer in the solar photovoltaics sector thanks to its ultralight flexible solar panel, which enables versatile solar plants that produce low-cost clean electricity on all surface. With PSU patent, TSO converts any urban element into a solar photovoltaic generator, fostering cities and municipalities into “prosumers”.


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