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PSU (Planta Solar Urbana) converts any street furniture into a
powerful solar generator in a simple and economical way.

Urban Solar Plant

PSU (Planta Solar Urbana) converts any street furniture into a powerful solar generator in a simple and economical way.

Cities can produce their own green energy

The development of a solar photovoltaic plant in an urban environment is easier than it seems. All the necessary structures have been in place for a long time: lampposts, canopies, information booths, advertising totems and any other structure connected to the electricity grid.

With the PSU model, clean, low-cost electricity can be produced during the day by installing TSOe’s PSU150 kits.

The energy produced is for the benefit of the city, using it immediately, for example, in traffic lights, information screens, fountains, parking meters or public buildings.

PSU150 kit for street furniture

placas solares para farolas

The PSU150 kit is a photovoltaic solution designed and developed by TSOe to facilitate the energy transition of cities, municipalities and neighbourhoods.

Its high energy efficiency, easy installation and robustness make the PSU150 kit the perfect tool for solar communities in cities.

PSU is a worldwide patented product by TSOe under patent number P201601035.

placas solares para farolas
plantas solares en ciudades

Urban Solar Plant Advantages

plantas solares en ciudades
  • Get new benefits from grid-connected street furniture
  • Smart remote control
    Competitively priced solar generation
  • Customisable kit, in colour, and scalable, in power
  • Easy and fast plug-and-play installation
  • Best aesthetic integration
  • No maintenance or cleaning required
  • Suitable for any type of furniture
  • Resistant to wind and snow loads (Class I)

The PSU’s ultra-light solar panel

Placa solar ultraligera para farolas

For the design of PSU kits, TSOe adapted its own SUNO® UL solar panels.

Ultra-lightweight and flexible, this type of photovoltaic module fits perfectly on brackets designed for installation on street furniture.

Their light weight makes them easier and safer to handle and install in high places, such as lampposts.

SUNO® UL panels are of Spanish design and technology.

Placa solar ultraligera para farolas


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