Training on photovoltaic self-consumption at CAFS

Our vision at TSO is to innovate to open new markets for solar photovoltaic energy. To that end, one of our key goals is to socialize this energy, i.e., to make it accessible to everyone on every market.

Therefore, after the annulment by the Spanish Constitutional Court, last May 25, 2017, of Article 4.3 of Royal Decree 900/2015 for solar self-consumption, which banned solar photovoltaic installations for shared self-consumption, we have started to train those professionals that take care of our homes and leisure/work spaces, as they are the crucial link we need in order to reduce CO2 footprint at the most energy-consuming agents: buildings.

Our first training took place at the Spanish Association of Property Managers (CAFS, for its Spanish acronym). The training received great acceptance from all attendees as it deepened on the lack of information and knowledge on the legal aspects of this type of efficient installations on our homeowners’ buildings. During 2018, we will keep training the rest of Associations of Property Managers both in Andalusia and the rest of Spain.

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