TSO’s self-consumption to brew Seville’s first solar beer

In its mission to socialise solar energy, TSO, The South Oracle, once again brings photovoltaic self-consumption to the Spanish food sector, specifically to a 100% natural brewery in Seville called Guadalquibeer. This young company, whose brand name pays tribute to the Andalusian greatest river, is positioned in the artisanal brewery market for its environmental commitment both in the natural brewing of its beers and now, in the incorporation of solar energy to its electricity supply. Achieving this way, the qualification of ‘the first solar beer’ of the Sevillian province.




For this purpose, TSO has installed a self-consumption photovoltaic solar plant on the roof of the factory of about 11 kW of power, which will allow Guadalquibeer to cover 94% of its daytime electricity consumption per year, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by around 6,800 kg, which is equivalent to around 4,500 trees.

Thanks to TSO’s Solar Electric Tariff (TSE), the first in Spain that includes the installation, a fixed price and a maintenance service, this artisan factory has set at 0.125 € the kilowatt price during the daytime hours for 10 years, which is the established contract period with TSO in which the real-time plant monitoring with an Energy Coach Service is also covered, thanks to what TSO calls GRAE: the Remote Management Department of Assistance to the Efficiency offered by TSO to its clients to solve in record time any doubt or incidence.




Guadalquibeer, the first 100% natural solar beer of Sevillian origin, will also bear the ECO20® seal, certifying its manufacture with solar energy for self-consumption. This seal created by TSO and endorsed by ECA Bureau Veritas is the only one in the market that guarantees a production obtained with renewable energy in direct self-consumption. In this way, Guadalquibeer completes the benefits offered by TSO when switching to photovoltaic self-consumption. Very soon this artisan beer will be in Sevillian establishments guaranteeing with the ECO20®  seal its commitment to sustainability and the environment.

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