TSO is born due to the demand for new ways of installations and solar energy commercialization in the solar PV market. This market is dramatically growing during the past and forthcoming years (more than $170 billions total spending in 2017), and is mainly based on utility plants and rooftop installations, a fact which progressively decreases prices and benefits for the stakeholders and leads the sector towards concentration. Something peculiar if we think of such a social energy like the sun. 

TSO knows that there exits an important gap between current ways of solar PV installations with flat modules and the new future that solar energy brings to all of us. This gap can be filled with R&D and innovation, connecting commercial-scientific initiatives and big OEM manufacturers (tier 1&2) with solar stakeholders interested in deploying new solar PV markets. Our commercial-scientific team has the expertise to help those companies diversify their solar business or enter it with new approaches.


Socialize and open new markets for solar energy through innovation.


To be the market-reference Engineering and R&D Consulting company specialized in solar energy, achieving a positive differentiation for its customers through innovative solutions that help socialize solar energy and turn it into a commodity for any user.