Onuva, a solidarity focused foster home that relies on TSO for its energy transition and sustainability

  • Onuva is one of the first foster homes in Spain to opt for renewables. 
  •  The self-consumption photovoltaic plant has a power of 22 kW and will cover 70% of its daytime electricity demand.


TSO (The South Oracle) has begun the installation of the solar photovoltaic plant for daytime self-consumption in the Onuva Community: a non-profit foster home for people in a situation of social exclusion, sick people without family or people in a situation of abandonment, located in the proximities of the Sevillian town of Puebla del Río. Belonging to the Archdiocese of Seville, this Community is positioned with this project as one of the first foster homes in Spain to bet on renewables. 


In this sense, the Onuva Community, also known as Fraternidad de la Madre de Dios (Fraternity of the Mother of God), trusts in TSO’s expertise and begins its energy transition by betting on the consumption of solar energy. To this end, TSO is installing a photovoltaic plant for self-consumption on one of its roofs, which its 22kW power will cover 70% of the Onuva community’s demand of daytime electricity. Respect for the environment and solidarity go hand in hand in this place, forming part of the day-to-day life of its carers, a group of people devoted in body and soul to the neediest and to their well-being on a totally voluntary basis.


TSO has designed a solar plant which, by producing 34,000 kWh per year, will enable the centre to reduce its CO2 emissions by 13,500 kg per year (equivalent to 900 trees). In addition to making Onuva a more sustainable foster home, this TSO project helps them in their energy efficiency, estimating an annual saving of around €5,000 on their electricity bill. The solar plant also includes the maintenance guarantee and the incident or theft insurance offered by TSO to all its customers through the GRAE, the TSO’s remote energy assistance management. The personalised energy coach who, in real time, covers the client’s needs and advises them on everything they may request.


As a TSO customer, Onuva is also benefited by the certification of the photovoltaic plant with the ECO20 seal by ECA Bureau Veritas, the only official certification for self-consumption of electricity from solar energy. These TSO guaranteed services fulfil their mission to socialize solar energy, by making the Onuva Community acquire not only environmental, but also humanitarian and social commitment.


In its mission to socialize solar energy, TSO, The South Oracle, presents a unique solution in Spain: the first Electric Solar Tariff, with which the user obtains savings of up to 30% on his bill. The concept is the ‘flat rate’, with which TSO guarantees its customers a fixed price and an unlimited consumption of solar energy depending on the power contracted. These mass media have published our new product: 



















TSO presents the first ELECTRIC SOLAR TARIFF of the Spanish photovoltaic market

  • A new concept for everyone to enjoy self-consumption, energy efficiency and reduction in CO2 emissions.

In its mission to socialize solar energy, TSO, The South Oracle, presents a unique solution in Spain: the first Electric Solar Tariff, with which the user obtains savings of up to 30% on his bill. The concept is the ‘flat rate’, with which TSO guarantees its customers a fixed price and an unlimited consumption of solar energy depending on the power contracted.

For this, TSO presents seven different solutions aimed at the residential market, which adapt to the needs of each client; and customized solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors, guaranteeing savings of up to 30%. With these solutions, all sectors obtain the great benefit of setting the price of their energy consumption for 10 years, forgetting the constant concern for the cost of their bill, marked by the vagaries of the conventional electricity market.

The TSO Solar Electric Tariff is a new concept for everyone to enjoy self-consumption, energy efficiency and reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition, these are covered by the new Decree Law 15/2018 on Self-consumption in Spain.

Electric Solar Rate by TSO: solutions for the residential market



During the 10 years of validity of the tariff, TSO will provide its services of maintenance, conservation and insurance of theft or damages of the solar plant thanks to the GRAE. An energetic coach dedicated exclusively to guaranteeing the benefits of solar self-consumption in the TSO client. Including advice on the improvement of optimal energy consumption habits, something that is achieved with real-time monitoring of each solar plant.


In addition, TSO offers its customers a monitor or tablet in which to check the operation of the plant, its energy savings and the reduction in CO2 emissions. The GRAE also acts as a coach, advising the client how to constantly reduce their electricity consumption, communicating the latest trends and technologies in energy saving, as well as marketing and dissemination campaigns to reduce their CO2 footprint. Accompanies and advises the client at all times on the road to energy excellence.





ROYSE celebrates its 40th Anniversary betting again for self-consumption with TSO


  • TSO will install four new solar plants in the ROYSE delegations of Andalusia and Madrid, which add up to a total of 30 kWp. 

  • The bearing company is also committed to the storage of solar energy thanks to the batteries offered by TSO.


Once again, the ROYSE Group, Bearings and Services, S.L. relies on TSO, The South Oracle, for its experience in the solar photovoltaic sector, to expand its self-consumption offer with the installation of four new solar plants between its delegations of Andalusia and Madrid.


The company, one of the world leaders in bearings, celebrates its 40th Anniversary, joining the energy transition with TSO and beginning a new stage oriented towards environmental sustainability. For this, the total power contracted will be about 30 kWp, estimating an annual production well above 40,000 kWh per year. With this power distributed among the new four photovoltaic plants, ROYSE will achieve a reduction of 16 tons in its annual CO2 emissions, equivalent to 1,066 trees. In addition, the company is committed to energy storage with the installation of innovative batteries offered by TSO, which will allow ROYSE to consume clean energy at night.


TSO is once again the company chosen by ROYSE for the design and installation of its new solar plants, thanks to the quality, profitability and excellence of its exclusive ultralight flexible solar panel, PSFU (eArche®). We remind that the bearing firm has benefited from the energy self-consumption of the hand of TSO since last July, in two of its delegations in Seville capital. Both located in the Parsi Industrial Area, one of 27 kWp and another of 5.3 kWp.


According to the data of our monitoring system, the photovoltaic plant of greater power (27 kWp) has generated savings of 25% in its first six months of life (from July to December 2018). This percentage translates into about 3,000 euros of savings in the electricity bill and a reduction of more than 10 tons in CO2 emissions.


TSO achieves the homologation of its flexible solar panels in Dubai

TSO, The South Oracle, arrives to the end of 2018 with good news: the homologation by DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) of its ultralight flexible solar panels PSFU (eArche®)Therefore, it has become the first company offering a flexible panel within the Emirate of Dubai, where an ambitious project is being developed since last October.

Not in vain, Etihad ESCO, the public company created by DEWA to promote energy efficiency in this Emirates region, has deposited its trust on TSO’s expertise for the design of the solar photovoltaic power plant which will feed solar power to the Museum of the Future. This power plant will be integrated on the marquees of the Emirates Towers’ parking lot.

The Museum of the Future, currently under construction, will be unique in the world due to its design and innovation, which will set a turning point in the History of Architecture, and which, thanks to TSO , will be provided with an instantaneous self-consumption solar power plant.

DEWA has already issued the necessary permits to begin, within the next days, the installation works of this innovative solar power plant integrated in theEmirates Towers’ parking lot marquees, area where the Museum of the Future is located. With no visual impact, the solar plant will generate 282 MWh yearly and avoid some 170 Tn of CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to about 9,400 trees.

Written by Eva Montes, Communication Manager at TSO

Energy Efficiency seminar in Las Cabezas de San Juan, Seville

Last October 30th, TSO, The South Oracle participated in the Agro-industry efficiency seminar, held at CADE Las Cabezas de San Juan (Seville). The event was organized by Andalucía Emprende, Junta de Andalucía foundation, and has for objective raising awareness among businessmen as the urgency of taking actions for energy efficiency to meet required CO2 emissions reduction.



Antonio Calo, CEO at TSO, during his presentation in CADE Las Cabezas de San Juan


As, last may, in similar previous event in Estepa (Seville), TSO has newly participated in this seminar with a presentation of the energy services contracts added value by its CEO, Antonio Calo, who spoke about the existing models, defined the guaranteed savings, and their set up. Next, the CEO of TSO kept talking about the advantages for companies to take actions for energy efficiency and explained ECO20 certification seal. This quality certificate differentiates those companies powered by solar energy, making them relevant from their competitors.

Written by Eva Montes, Communication Manager at TSO.