On Friday, February 16, TSO awarded a present of 15,000 euros in electricity. At the annual dinner of the Association of Property Managers of Seville (CAFS), attended by more than 140 property managers, there was a happy winner, to whom TSO will install a Solar Photovoltaic Kit “S” at the location of his choice. Along the kit’s lifetime, the winner will save a good 15,000 euros in his electricity bill. Not only that: he will also reduce CO2 emissions in estimated 22,330 kg for 25 years, equivalent to the CO2 emissions of a family car driving 35 days non-stop, or, likewise, of a 42” LED TV continually turned on for 15 years. On top of that, our Solar Kit is equipped with a monitoring system showing energy generation and consumption in real time.

But the best is always left for the end. The awarded Solar Photovoltaic Kit includes the ECO20® certification, granting that 100% of the obtained energy comes from the sun. The building where the solar panels are installed will thus have its own green energy certificate.

The picture shows the CEO of TSO, Antonio Calo, together with Alejandro Pallarés, Manager of our CFV product portfolio, and the prize winner, the property manager Manuel Pérez Ramos. Our congratulations to the winner. Producing energy with TSO’s Solar Kit is a guaranteed prize for anyone installing it on its home or business. If you wish to know more about the advantages of our Solar Kits, there is more information here.

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