TSO presents the first ELECTRIC SOLAR TARIFF of the Spanish photovoltaic market

  • A new concept for everyone to enjoy self-consumption, energy efficiency and reduction in CO2 emissions.

In its mission to socialize solar energy, TSO, The South Oracle, presents a unique solution in Spain: the first Electric Solar Tariff, with which the user obtains savings of up to 30% on his bill. The concept is the ‘flat rate’, with which TSO guarantees its customers a fixed price and an unlimited consumption of solar energy depending on the power contracted.

For this, TSO presents seven different solutions aimed at the residential market, which adapt to the needs of each client; and customized solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors, guaranteeing savings of up to 30%. With these solutions, all sectors obtain the great benefit of setting the price of their energy consumption for 10 years, forgetting the constant concern for the cost of their bill, marked by the vagaries of the conventional electricity market.

The TSO Solar Electric Tariff is a new concept for everyone to enjoy self-consumption, energy efficiency and reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition, these are covered by the new Decree Law 15/2018 on Self-consumption in Spain.

Electric Solar Rate by TSO: solutions for the residential market



During the 10 years of validity of the tariff, TSO will provide its services of maintenance, conservation and insurance of theft or damages of the solar plant thanks to the GRAE. An energetic coach dedicated exclusively to guaranteeing the benefits of solar self-consumption in the TSO client. Including advice on the improvement of optimal energy consumption habits, something that is achieved with real-time monitoring of each solar plant.


In addition, TSO offers its customers a monitor or tablet in which to check the operation of the plant, its energy savings and the reduction in CO2 emissions. The GRAE also acts as a coach, advising the client how to constantly reduce their electricity consumption, communicating the latest trends and technologies in energy saving, as well as marketing and dissemination campaigns to reduce their CO2 footprint. Accompanies and advises the client at all times on the road to energy excellence.





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